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A Tour of the Exotic: 8 Best Shisha Bars in London

Shisha Bars in London

The dining options are many in different places in the UK. However, have you ever visited the Shisha Bars in London? They are a great of aromatic hookahs and other irresistible fusions. Moreover, the contemporary lounges present in most such bars will compel you to visit the place again.

I have spent some unforgettable moments in these places and can vouch for the delightful journey. These shisha bars give you the opportunities to socialize and even plan for a lucrative project in the upcoming days. Your party mood will reach heights as you visit these places in London.

Enjoy the British nightlife and experience the marvelous fusion of Middle-Eastern flavors. Find out the best shisha lounges in London in this piece. I am more than happy to depict these special places to you. 

Popularity of the Shisha Bars in London

It is indeed overwhelming to see the number of shisha bars in London skyrocketing over the past few years. Moreover, as per the statistics of 2022, the total figure for these high-in-demand lounges is 514. There are several reasons to visit the shisha places near London. They are not only places for delectable dishes but also attractive hookahs. 

Eliminate fatigue and anxieties from your life by sitting in these lounges for a while. Furthermore, you are free to relax for hours and enjoy some flavourful hookahs or drinks. The ambiance lets you spend “me time” and enjoy it thoroughly. You may also call your friends and chill out on a lovely evening. These are the best places to celebrate your birthdays or occasions of any victory. 

The popularity of shisha bars is rising at a great pace due to the following reasons:-

Tour of the Top 8 Shisha Bars

1. Tigerbay Shisha Lounge

Image- Tigerbay Shisha Lounge

Want to try some exciting flavors of Lebanese? Then this lounge is perfect for you. Along with the phenomenal shisha dishes, you can sip the coolest drinks, too. Of course, the flavourful hookahs are the additional prizes for Halloween. 

You can enjoy a vibrant ambiance over here with friendly staff and picturesque seating arrangements. It is better to have an advance booking as Tigerbay is the favorite of the majority of people in London. Therefore, you will find it all full, most of the time. 

Moreover, the weekends will be rocking as you approach Tigerbay. Celebrate the day with the DJ upbeats and energetic Bollywood and Middle-East music. You can indeed put the dance floor on fire. Are you ready to shake the floor? 

Location: 234 Kingsbury Road. London- NW9 0BH
12 pm to 3 am
4.5 stars

2. Cloud 9- Bistro Lounge and Shisha Garden

Image- Ping Culture

Cloud 9 will genuinely let you feel as if you are on Cloud 9. This is one of the most popular shisha bars in London, having an incredible environment with special corners to take pictures. You will be mesmerized by the premium quality tobacco and lively environment. 

This is a spectacular garden space in North London with a vast range of delicacies. Furthermore, the fusion of different flavors in the salads and pizzas makes it an ideal choice, fitting your pockets. ‘Purple Rain” is the signature shisha flavor here, containing refreshing blends of menthol and blueberry. Therefore, it should be in my recommendation as you come here. 

You can also try the premium Rubicon Lychee and Bru flavors. The desserts are also classic, and you will be bound to taste them again. If you wish to relax in a lounge and enjoy your private time, this bistro lounge is just what you desire. 

Location: 449 Lordship Lane. London N22 5DJ
2 pm to 2 am
4.4 stars

3. Palm Riverside- Experience the Beauty of Thames

Image- Restaurant Guru

The sparkling waters of the Thames will make your day as you keep on watching the beautiful sight by sitting in a lounge. Undoubtedly, the riverside locations are the best shisha lounges in London. Never miss the revitalizing watermelon or mint shisha flavors.

Furthermore, the staff are courteous and let you have a comfortable experience. The riverside view presents a serene environment. Therefore, try to spend a cool summer daybreak time as the birds retire to their nests, and you have a vast water body to stare at. The passionate waiters always try to satisfy the customers and address all your queries without showing any arrogance. 

However, I will say, please avoid the peak times. It is better to reserve the table beforehand to enjoy the aromatic Lebanese dishes and the flavorsome shisha. A perfect fusion of contemporary and traditional tastes will ensure a fabulous time in Palm Riverside. 

Location: 94 Point Pleasant. London SW18 1PP
12 pm to 1 am
4.4 stars

4. Mevali Shisha Bar

Image- Tripadvisor

The next destination among the shisha places near London is the Mevali Shisha Bar. However, this is not a simple lounge or garden like most shisha bars. Instead, it forms a part of a Lebanese cafe situated in Greenwich. Moreover, you can booze freely and enjoy the shisha flavors in the open courtyard. The garden has room for a considerable number of guests, with comfortable seating arrangements. 

A highly delightful atmosphere prevails in this bar, where the staff gives frequent attention to all the guests. Furthermore, you can order your favorite food, drinks, or flavored shishas at budget-friendly rates.

I love the taste of fried calamari paired with spicy mayonnaise. You can place orders for several other snacks like baby corn, chicken wings, and others. The blue lagoon is one of the coolest drinks you will prefer at Mevali. The bar often experiments with these shisha styles and brings innovative flavors to give new sparks to your taste buds. 

Location: 17 Greenwich Church Street. London SE10 9BJ
11 am to 11 pm
4.3 stars

5. Brick Lane Shisha Lounge

Image- Gourmet Society

Get a positive and refreshing vibe as you enter this shisha lounge. Brick Lane offers numerous shisha flavors, with choices for every visitor. Therefore, if you are not ready to taste a strong flavor of tobacco, the kiwi or the apple flavor can be pleasing. 

Brick Lane even has shishas at a very meagre price. With just £20, you can taste good quality shisha flavor. This makes the place a high-demand venue for youngsters. Moreover, the diverse cocktails bring together the old pals and let them relax here. Brick Lane, one of the affordable shisha bars in London, considers the tastes and preferences of visitors from various financial backgrounds.

So, come to East London to enjoy the fabulous environment and relish the shishas and drinks of this lounge. 

Location: 45 Hanbury Street. London E1 6RU
2 pm to 12 pm
4.7 stars

6. Amoulage Lounge

Image- Tripadvisor

If you want to enjoy a great time at a shisha parlous with lavishness all around, Amoulage should be the star location. Along with the high-quality food and drinks, the staff will welcome you with interesting shisha flavors. The lounge boasts incredible aesthetics and an authentic shisha experience. 

Furthermore, the hooka flavors list is a vast one including the terrific Pomegranate, rejoicing Pinacolada, strong apple, sweet blueberries, and many more. Besides, the cool cocktails, mocktails, and tea flavors can also make the day quite delightful. The services are prompt and will refill your glass or coal with one request. They use original coals to give authentic flavors. 

If you have a budget constraint, Amoulage will not make you upset. Only £15 will be enough to fetch you a lovely shisha. This is the specialty for which the London people love this shisha lounge so much. 

Location: 32-34 Cricklewood Broadway. London NW2 3ET
12 pm to 6 am
4.1 stars

7. Zoe Shisha Events

Image- Kai Schwarz

How about hanging out with your friends at a cool cafe and enjoying some compelling vapes? Zoe Shisha Events lets you chill throughout and have some private space. However, I will suggest a peaceful visit during the afternoons, especially the weekdays, to avoid the rush. The weekends may not welcome you with a seat. Limited space is the only drawback of this shisha lounge. 

The evenings in London can often get very chilly. As a result, a young group can face several hurdles while enjoying the shishas at some of the shisha bars in London. However, Zoe Shisha Events are perfect for spending a relaxing time with the heaters on. Besides, you can also be cozy and adjust yourselves to some more time with the easily available blankets. So, it is a preferred location for couples too. 

Every piece of equipment here is in fantastic condition and ensures that you get quick service at every hour. The shisha bar serves a limited group but makes it a memorable experience for everyone. However, it does not remain open for the whole week. You should be updated about the timings before visiting the place. 

Location: 20 Warwick Street. London W1B 5NF
Open only on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 pm to 12 am
4.3 stars

8. Fumee Lounge

Image- Foursquare

Another gem occupying the top position in the list of the best shisha lounges in London is Fumee Lounge. Moreover, the hospitality of the bar is highly impressive, especially if this is your first visit. They pay extra attention to newcomers and suggest only the best of the menu for a satisfactory experience. 

The interesting decor of the interiors will also leave a long-lasting impact. You will just love the cozy seating arrangements and amazing flavors of the shisha. I will suggest a grapefruit flavor if you want something smooth. Furthermore, Savacco can also make you happy and let you suggest the lounge to your friends.

The modern tastes of the cocktails are truly rejoicing. A sudden visit to Fumee will allow you to enjoy the shisha for 20 pounds. Wany to give it a try? 

Location: 7 Vicarage Parade. West Green Road. London N15 3BL
4 pm to 2 am
4.7 stars


The shisha bars in London are the doors to escaping the tensions and hustles of your life. An hour can also give you complete peace as you enter your favorite bar and enjoy the flavored shishas. You can have a good time alone or cherish some moments with your pals. 

Be it Fumme, Tigerbay, Cloud 9, or Palm Riverside; you will have twists and surprises at every place. Experiment with the shisha flavors and lose yourself in a mystical world. The eclectic interiors are a bonus for visiting these lounges in London. 

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