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5 Top Knightsbridge Restaurants Halal

Knightsbridge Restaurants Halal

The Knightsbridge restaurants are classic and present a marvellous ambience for visitors. However, the primary attraction is their wide variety of food and amazing taste. 

London’s Muslim community is quite large and intakes only halal meat. Hence, the city ensures diverse cuisines, appropriate for everyone.

As a result, you will find many Knightsbridge restaurants halal, maintaining Islamic culinary standards. 

In this piece, I will bring to your notice the top five restaurants serving the best halal meat in Knightsbridge.

Therefore, if you are planning for a nice dinner, pick any of these food havens. Undoubtedly, they will satisfy your appetite entirely. 

5 Best Knightsbridge Restaurants Halal

Discover the pool of traditional dishes and a lovely fusion of British culture. The Knightsbridge restaurants offer top-class quality and ensure glamorous interiors.

Thus, you can expect a gala time with your family or friends. Many even allow you to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and others. 

1. Zonzo

This is one of the most renowned famous spots among the Knightsbridge restaurants halal.

It serves lip-smacking Italian dishes, in a family-friendly environment. Furthermore, the wooden seating and stucco walls will give you a warm welcome.

The taste of authentic Italian wines will elevate your dining experience more. The restaurant is also pocket-friendly.

Hence, you can easily plan a weekend dinner at this incredible Italian junction in the heart of London. Wheelchair access is also there.

We will keep it on our highly recommended list for enthusiastic foodies. 

Location: 342 Edgware Road. London W2 1EA
Signature delights: Napoleonic pizzas, Zonzo-style lasagne, fine wines, etc. 
Rating: 4.2 stars (Google Reviews)

2. Mango Tree

This restaurant is another gem in the Belgravia region near Knightsbridge. The amazing eatery is famous for its Thai delicacies.

Undoubtedly, when you crave Thai tastes, this is the best venue to please your taste buds. 

Most visitors consider their meals applauding. Furthermore, the staff is highly professional and always makes sure to satisfy the customer’s demands.

They can even give you lovely suggestions if you are stuck with the vast menu. Although some may consider it overpriced, the food is worth spending.

Location: 46 Grosvenor Place. Belgravia. London SW1X 7EQ
Signature delights: Corn-fed chicken in Thai Curry, Fresh Pad Thai, Grilled Giant King Prawns, Tamarind Duck, etc. 
Rating: 4.1 stars (Open Table)

3. Shezan

The top list of the best Knightsbridge restaurants halal will remain incomplete without mentioning the name of Shezan.

The sophistication and peaceful ambience are the star factors of this place.

Moreover, you will fall for the incredibly tender meat and premium seafood dishes. The collection of cocktails is also vast here.

The staff’s hospitality will touch you, ensuring a memorable experience.

The place is a star primarily for its incredible Pakistani and Indian cuisines. The classy decor, blended with Mughal art, will also make you smile.

Location: 16-22 Cheval Place. Knightsbridge. London SW7 1ES
Signature highlights: Mulligatawny Soup, Shammi Kebab, Butterfly Jhinga, Vegetable Samosa, etc. 
Rating: 4.8 stars (Open Table)

4. Beirut Knightsbridge

This place excels at presenting delicious Lebanese cuisine. The fairly priced restaurant offers awesome breakfast and brunch.

The dinner menu is also pretty appealing. Advanced booking is advisable, as the place remains crowded, especially on the weekends. 

The cosy seating arrangement creates a romantic mood for couples, making it a lovely choice for a remarkable date.

It also serves tasty vegan food with great fusions. The well-decorated outdoor space is the most popular area among the diners. 

Location: 8 Harriet Street. London SW1X 9JW
Signature highlights: Labneh, Soujouk and eggs, Shaksouka, etc. 
Rating: 4.7 stars (Google Reviews)

5. Zelman Meats

Your experience of having a memorable meal at Knightsbridge restaurants will reach new heights as you visit this place.

Zelman Meats will fulfil your passion for trying the best steak ever.

The halal-certified food joint will spoil you with a plethora of choices. Every fresh cut of the steak will compel you to visit the place repeatedly.

Every bite is juicy and tasteful.

Additionally, it is known for its myriad of unique alcohol-free soft drinks and mocktails. The flavours and aroma of the mouthwatering recipes will give you a grand treat. 

Location: 109-125 Knightsbridge Harvey Nichols. London SW1X 7RJ
Signature highlights: Australian Striploin, Augus Aberdeen black fillet, Raspberry lemonade, Blueberry Martini, etc. 
Rating: 4.3 stars (Google Reviews)


Can I get Middle Eastern vegan dishes in the Knightsbridge restaurants?

Yes. the Knightsbridge restaurants provide an extensive menu for vegans, including the Middle-Eastern cuisines. 

Is there any pocket-friendly Knightsbridge halal restaurant?

Yes, of course. Restaurants like Mango Tree, Zonzo, etc., offer the best halal meat within your budget. 


Knightsbridge is a British culinary hub. Therefore, you cannot afford to miss the mindblowing taste of the incredible dishes found here.

Moreover, the Knightsbridge restaurants serve only appropriately cooked halal meat, especially for the Muslim community. 

Thus, restaurants like Zonzo, Shezan, Zelman Meats, Mago Tree, and others are the real stars for food lovers. I hope this piece gave you enough information for a happening meal at Knightsbridge. 

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