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9 Must-Try Wardour Street Restaurants for Foodies

Wardour Street Restaurants

Wardour Street restaurants are stars for the foodies in London. Have you not yet visited the place? This famous street runs through Leicester Square, calling for extra attention for its brilliant cuisine. The culinary skills of almost all countries are present in this portion of the city. 

This street in the Soho district was once famous for its furniture. The spectacular modern versions of the original designs gave visitors goosebumps. Gradually, Wardour Street developed as one of the primary junctions for shopping, with multiple eateries growing up here and there. 

Therefore, head toward this street if you want cleverly crafted desserts or an elegant eating experience. London Wardour Street will undoubtedly present live sets for an extraordinary dining experience. You will get a vivid picture of the specialties in this article. 

The Top 9 Restaurants in Wardour Street Restaurants for Foodies

Here are the top 9 restaurants in Wardour Street, London. I have accumulated the names of the best choices to ensure a fabulous meal in the heart of London. When it comes to food, you cannot ignore Soho. Wardour Street, one of the prime locations of this district, is like a paradise for all foodies. 

The list is as follows:-

1. The Alchemist

It is a trendy bar offering the best cocktails in London. Among the Wardour Street restaurants, The Alchemist is in high demand due to its amazing ambiance and quality of beverages.

Every drink has some surprises for the diners. Similarly, the taste of the unique dishes is also amazing. Several vegan options are also present for vegetarians. Hence, we can easily keep it on top of the famous restaurants of Wardour Street. 

Location: 63-66 St. Martin’s Lane. London WC2N 4JS. 
Cuisine type: American
Signature dishes: Popsicle drink, Lost in Translation drink, The Alchemist Burger, Salmon Sashimi
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Ratings: 4.8 stars

Reviews of Customers: 

Fun- Great Cocktails: Visited pre-theatre. Ordered 2 cocktails which were amazing. We had 2 starters and 2 mains and 2 large glasses of wine. Really nice. The food was huge!

– Womble422, Tripadvisor

The food was amazing and the customer service was great.

– Oliver, Trustpilot

Amazing Atmosphere- Perfect service from Joe! We were served by the wonderful, charismatic Joe (Joseph). He made us feel welcome and talked us through the menu. – Farrah D, Tripadvisor

– Farrah D, Tripadvisor

2. Dishoom

Dishoom is popular because it serves the best Indian dishes in London. The waiter team is also very friendly with every customer. The freshly baked naans and delicious dips ensure you have a splendid time at the table. Moreover, you can expect multiple repeats for your tasty starters.

On birthdays, the chef will give special compliments. The location is also very convenient. Besides, the place offers a romantic atmosphere. It stays in second position as the restaurant beckons the authentic street food of Mumbai from India

Location: 12 Upper Saint Martin’s Lane. London WC2H 9FB
Cuisine Type: Indian
Signature dishes: Baked Naan, Braised Lamb dish, House Black Daal (spiced lentil stew), 
Dress Code: No such dress code. Jeans is fine 
Ratings: 4.5 stars

Reviews of Customers: 

Great ambiance and service with tasty and reasonably priced food.

– Charis K, Squaremeal

Amazing food, but really loud

– Amrita K, Squaremeal

Excellent food and some unusual dishes, good ambiance and amazing decor, great service, great place for special occasions as not cheap, but was good value.

– Victoria H, Squaremeal

3. Scully

The unique blend of Asian and British flavors makes Scully’s food unparalleled. Moreover, the chefs of this famous restaurant come from a knowledgeable background.

Hence, you can expect only top-notch food from the hands of the experts. The food junction can have the third rank because of its amazing plating, seasonal flavors, and fabulous vegan dishes. 

Location: 4 St. James’s Market. London SW1Y 4AH
Cuisine type: British (with a fusion of Asian cuisine)
Signature dishes: Puff Beef tendons, BBQ’d Galician Octopus, Char-Grilled Broccolli with salted egg yolk, etc. 
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Ratings: 4.5 stars
Reviews of Customers: 

Really ramped up the vegetarian options which is excellent. Interesting wines and fabulous food.

– Liz L, Squaremeal)

Most reliably original and delicious food in London. It is the best restaurant in London that I know for totally original creative cooking in a great location with charming staff.

– Richard H, Tripadvisor

Perfect Fusion! Wow! Everything I’m looking for in a dining experience, but rarely find.

– Havana92016, Tripadvisor

Perfect Fusion! Wow! Everything I’m looking for in a dining experience, but rarely find. – Havana92016, Tripadvisor

4. Bun House

Grab a thrilling dinner at Bun House with an excellent combination of dessert items. Of course, with a meal of three buns, prepared in Cantonese style, you will be full quickly.

One bite will make you happy, be it the delicious and juicy chicken or veggie magic. The waiters are very helpful, and the customers get good suggestions from them. Therefore, we can surely count it as one of the best Wardour Street restaurants. 

Location: 26-27 Lisle Street. London WC2H 7BA
Cuisine type: Chinese
Signature dishes: Custard bun, Pig Bun, Lamb Bun with garlic and cumin, etc. 
Dress Code: No Dress Code
Ratings: 4 stars

Reviews of Customers: 

Best bao in the UK. Dyl is obsessed with the pork, too. So he ordered 3. The husband and I shared pork, beef, and lamb. They’re all amazing.

– Natalie W, Tripadvisor

Custard buns are gorgeous but try the meat-filled ones too as they are also great.

Cheekycockney190757, Tripadvisor

Really tasty veg bun, glass noodle salad and sweet chilli egg rice.

-Alison Yoon, Google Reviews

5. Misato

The extensive Misato menu guarantees a fabulous dining experience. Furthermore, this place offers incredible sushi rolls. Therefore, when you are looking for top-class Japanese at London Wardour Street, Misato is undoubtedly the ideal option. 

Location: 11 Wardour Street. London W1D 6PG
Cuisine type: Japanese
Signature dishes: Miso soup, Katsu curry, Sushi Bento Boxes, Egg Curry Udon, Tori Udon, etc. 
Dress Code: Casual 
Ratings: 4 stars

Reviews of Customers: 

This has always been my favorite Japanese restaurant. Affordable, quick, and friendly!

– Tama Tama, Google Reviews

Have been going to this place for a long time and the quality stays the same. Thank you to the staff for accommodating me every time.

– Leigh Strong, Google Reviews 

Dropped by here to pick up some Chicken Katsu Curry for lunch. The service was friendly, prices were fair and portions were good.

– Shnako, Tripadvisor

6. Hawksmoor Seven Dials

The place is fantastic, primarily due to the steaks and delectable desserts. It is one of the go-to restaurants in Wardour Street, London, for a comfort meal. Therefore, this is a great place to visit whenever you plan a Sunday lunch. Indeed, it will not disappoint you in any aspect. 

Location: 11 Langley Street. London WC2H 9JG
Cuisine type: British
Signature dishes: Sticky coffee pudding, Kimchi burger, Mash and Gravy, Garlic Mushrooms, etc. 
Dress Code: No Dress Code
Ratings: 4.4 stars

Reviews of Customers: 

It was my friend’s Milestone birthday and the evening was perfect! We ordered the chateaubriand 950g which was perfect for the 3 of us.

– Biditas, Opentable

Very friendly and helpful service. Nicely cooked food. Good wine selection.

– Sharpish, Opentable

Visited here for Sunday roast last weekend. All of us agreed it was the best roast dinner we had ever eaten.

– Mikey Mike, Tripadvisor

7. Kiln

Get casually cooked noodles and fabulous grilled items at this exclusive restaurant on Wardour Street. It is also a central place for Thai-inspired dishes in London. The tender meat, incredible taste, and behaviour of the staff make it a gem among the Wardour Street restaurants. 

You can have a walk-in or go for prior reservations. The restaurant accepts reservations for a maximum of 6 people. It is also pet-friendly. 

Location: 58 Brewer Street. London W1F 9TL
Cuisine type: Thai
Signature dishes: Claypot glass noodles, Tamworth belly and brown crab meat. etc. 
Dress Code: Relaxed
Ratings: 4.2 stars

Reviews of customers: 

Always an enjoyable experience. The food is spectacular, but be careful with the spicy stuff. When they say spicy- they mean it.

– Sergio V, Tripadvisor

One of the best restaurants around. Really liked the grilled bavette, braised beef shin curry, smoked mackarel, and chak some sour curry.

– Allison_TZ, Tripadvisor

Great atmosphere and authentic dishes.

– Anon, Squaremeal

8. Old Compton Brasserie

This eclectic restaurant offers brilliant comfort food. Moreover, the vintage-style food joint provides an impressive ambience. Old Compton Brasserie also has a refreshing seating arrangement with exclusive recipes. Therefore, get Soho’s spirit as you enter this classy restaurant. It also offers Wi-Fi facilities and vegan items. 

Location: 36-38 Compton Street. London W1D 4TT
Cuisine type: British
Signature dishes: Steak tartare, Egg and chips, Roast, etc. 
Dress Code: Casual dress
Ratings: 4 stars
Reviews of Customers: 

Great decor and the bar is gorgeous, had a really lovely table, Great food, great cocktails, good service will definitely come again!

– Lizzy, Opentable

Great food, especially steak tartare, ham, egg & chips, and jammie dodger dessert. Service was very polite and friendly.

– HRWLDN, Opentable

A lively Soho spot with delicious food.

– 20Ruby94, Tripadvisor

9. Heritage Soho

The location of this place is a major factor in choosing it. Moreover, Heritage Soho gives you a royal treatment if you are in a party mood. However, the lavish dining features come within your budget. There is an appropriate arrangement for outdoor seating. However, you cannot go for a takeaway here.

The quantity of every dish is also huge, making it a fabulous place for a group meal. The stylish home decor and staff behaviour will undoubtedly attract any visitor. A vivid selection of fish will keep you mesmerized. 

Location: 18-20 Rupert Street. London W1D 6DF
Cuisine type: Modern European
Signature dishes: Heritage Traditional Raclette Plate, Salmon and Mushroom Sausage, Fondue, Rosti, Steak, Best wines, etc. 
Dress Code: No Dress Code
Ratings: 4 stars

Reviews of Customers: 

Perfect place for cheese fondue. I tried their set of brunch menu on weekend and was amazed by the taste and quality of food.

– Gretak874, Tripadvisor

An absolute must-visit for raclette and romantic evenings.

– thelondonrack, Tripadvisor

A very cute and cosy restaurant that has an energetic ambiance. The staff was also very nice and attentive.

– Eatingwithines, Tripadvisor

Pro Tip Section

Want some tips for selecting the best Wardour Street restaurants? I will help you to have a remarkable experience in London. Whenever you are on a tour, do not miss the extraordinary lanes of Wardour Street in Soho. It has all the charms to keep you engaged thoroughly. 

Now, accessing this shopping and eating destination will be easier as you know the roadmap clearly. Let me project it in more detail. 

How to get to Wardour Street?

You can take various routes to reach Wardour Street of Soho, London. Either you take public transport, or hire a private cab or coach to reach the destination. However, if you have your own car, it is also easy to access this central street. 

The Central and Northern are the nearest Tube lines for Wardour Street. The nearest tube station is Picadilly Circus. Just walk for a minute, and you will be there.

On the other hand, you have train services running along the route of southeastern London and Elizabeth. Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, and Tottenham Court Road are the nearest stations. The bus route numbers include 453, 139, 188, 55, and 390. 

When to visit?

Wardour Street is a famous junction, running from Oxford, through Soho, and ultimately ending at China Town. Therefore, you can visit the place at any time, when you are in London. The spring time is the best time to visit the UK countries. Therefore, June to September will be ideal for the trip.

The nightlife in Soho is the best part here. So, plan to visit Wardour Street at night for the exclusive experience at different pubs and other dine-in centres. 

Other Soho Attractions 

Apart from Wardour Street, other Soho attractions include the following:-

Final Thoughts

The Wardour Street restaurants have added advantages and uniqueness for a compelling effect on the visitors. It does not matter whether you are touring the place for the first time or a regular visitor.

London welcomes you to the extraordinary life of the British culture. Therefore, embrace the plethora of dishes, with a touch of fusion in several items. 

If you want to have complete fun, entertainment, and tasty food, never miss a tour to Wardour Street. It is the perfect location for shopping and satisfying your taste buds. Be it the Japanse cuisine, Indian delicacies, or British flavours, the top restaurants will win your heart.

So, pick your choice among The Alchemist, Dishoom, Misato, and many more. Every place will give a warm welcome with something new on your plate. 

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