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Top 10 Halal Buffets in London for a Gastronomic Feast

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Everyone enjoys delicious food, but the Muslim community’s demand for Halal cuisine is increasing daily. Halal foods are the actual definition of pure and lawful food. Because of these beliefs, not only Muslim communities in the UK but other cultural and religious communities started having Halal foods as well.

In London, people of different communities live harmoniously; not only that, but it is a place where different types of cuisines are available to customers’ preferences. That’s why people can try Halal foods of different varieties and cuisines in London. That led us to the top 10 Halal Buffet restaurants in London.

Criteria for selecting the top halal buffets

Importance of authenticity and quality of ingredients

Authentic and well-reputed halal restaurants should always have HMC ( Halal Monitoring Certification). This way, the guests and customers who will use the food will understand that at these restaurants, the food items are not mixed with non-Halal food items. 

The Halal certification indicates that the foods are fresh and authentic. Not only that, even the meat is taken from the halal suppliers where the animals are not tortured. This way, by having authentic Halal food, the Muslim community in the UK can have delicious foods without concern.

While listing the top 10 Halal buffet restaurants we checked and made sure that the restaurant is HMC certified. Also we checked that the following restaurants are following the HMC rules. 

Variety and range of dishes offered

The range of Halal food in the restaurant tells a lot about the place. If a restaurant only has 2 to 5 Halal dishes, it is not worthy to call itself a halal buffet restaurant. 

That’s why we make sure that based on the preferred cuisine of the buffet restaurants, they serve a huge variety of Halal dishes. Not only that, there are restaurants mentioned below that serve multiple cuisines and Halal dishes.

The customers should understand there are many cuisines available like Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Thai, etc. that can be created as halal food. And from a single cuisine, a lot of halal dishes can be served. For example, Indian cuisine like chicken tikka, chicken Biryani, lamb curry, veg pakoda, gajar halwa gulab jamun, etc. That’s why the below-mentioned restaurants can be considered worthy Halal buffet restaurants.

Presentation and ambiance of the buffet restaurants

Ambiance plays a huge role in attracting customers. The ambiance and the presentation depend on the restaurant and the customer’s preference. In the top 10 Halal Buffet restaurant list, there are both upmarket and casual buffet restaurants. Now, Those elegant and fancy buffet restaurants are a bit pricey but delicious. 

We made sure that the below-mentioned halal buffet restaurant had the perfect ambiance and environment that customers could enjoy. Despite its position in the market, the restaurant we enlisted is in order, which was made after checking its cleanliness, cozy ambiance, seating arrangement, etc.

Customer reviews and ratings

The Customers’ reviews and ratings tell a lot about the restaurant. Everything about that place, for example, its ambiance, food quality, presentation, staff behavior, preferred food items, and any other vital experience of the customer, can be known from the reviews available on the internet. 

That’s Why we checked the customer reviews and their experience dislikes, and then based on that, we explained the review of the Halal Buffet restaurant. Also, you will see that all the following buffet restaurants are judged based on the review and their ratings from 0 to 5. This way, the customers can choose for themselves based on their budget and the restaurant rating. 

​​​Top 10 Halal Buffets in London

Royal Nawab Perivale 

The restaurant has a sophisticated, cozy ambiance for the customers. Understanding customer’s demand for Indian and Pakistani dishes served. Not only that but vegetarian foods are served at the Royal Nawab Perivale restaurant as well. It is an upscale restaurant here. The restaurant’s interior is very big, with a private dining room for the guests. Because of the space, it’s a great place for celebrating weddings and other occasions. 

Location: Hoover Building 7, Western Ave, London UB6 8DB, United Kingdom.
Top and Special dishes: This restaurant has great buffet options, such as Masala Fish, Chicken Wings, Masala, Fried Fish, Mutton Chops, Masala Fish, Lamb Curry, Gajar Ka Halwa, etc.
Review: According to the reviews, most customers who visited Royal Nawab Perivale said this Pakistani restaurant had a great ambiance and delicious food. Because of high demand, this place is always crowded, but it doesn’t compromise the taste and quality of the food. 

Rating: 4.7 out of 5. 

Ayam Zaman 

 The ambiance and interior of the restaurant keep a casual Middle Eastern Vibe, so if anyone is feeling homesick, then Ayam Zaman restaurant is the perfect place for the food and ambiance. There is food for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. The sitting area is very cozy and casual, according to the guest’s preference. Also, if anyone wants it, outdoor seating is available as well. 

Location: 258 Uxbridge Rd, London W12 7JA, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: the range of foods is endless, but the most preferred foods are lentil soup, chicken shawarma, lamb shank, Baklawa, kibbeh, falafel, hummus, etc. Besides this, the guest can try many other incredible dishes.
Review: The ​visitors say the Ayam Zaman restaurant has the best halal buffet food. There is no complication with the parking, and guests can enjoy the food for as long as they want. The balance between the taste and spices is incredible; hence, people love to visit Ayam Zaman repeatedly because of the delicious food and ambiance.
Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Spice Village Tooting 

The atmosphere of the place is just amazing. It has an elegant and up-market look, but the food buffets are incredible. The Spice Village restaurant has a spacious and comfortable dining space, which makes it more fancy and interesting to visit. The interior design is perfectly made of granite stones, lighting, fancy seats, designer walls, etc.; therefore, it’s a great place for a fancy date. 

Location: 121 Upper Tooting Rd, London SW17 7TJ, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: In other restaurants, there are so many dishes we can find, but the top of the dishes are butter chicken, chicken biryani, lamb, karahi kabab, chicken, tikka, gajar halwa, mango lassi, etc. 
Review: This restaurant is among the top 20 restaurants in London. Also, the restaurant then meets are halal certified. Thousands of customers visit the restaurant annually, and they review it as one of the best places to try a halal food buffet. The range of food items is endless, and the delicious mocktails are incredible.

Rating:4.5 out of 5

Aroma Village 

 So many people have visited this restaurant. The Aroma restaurant is sophisticated and cozy. In the buffet, people can try different soups, seafood, sushi, teppanyaki, desserts, etc. The seating area is casual, but the place’s lighting is quite nice, and the seating arrangement makes the place look bigger.

Location: West 12 Shopping Centre, Unit B,1st floor, London W12 8PP, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: At the restaurant, there is interesting food served; even at the halal buffet, there are top dishes like beef chicken, mushroom sea foods, teppanyaki, sushi, nuggets, desserts, etc., so it is understood that there is a range of foods available at the halal buffet from which people can choose.
Review: Many people love the place a lot, but some people believe that the food pricing at the restaurant is a bit high. Also, alcohol is served at the restaurant. However, that stays separate from the halal food. But according to the reviews, this place serves a delicious range of foods daily.

Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Spice Khazana

 Spice Khazana is another great buffet restaurant in London with an HMC certificate. The interior and the decor of the restaurant are simple and minimalist. It’s designed in a model method where, from one side, the guest can pick all the food items and sit on the other side. The restaurant has an outside seating area, so if anyone wants to, they can easily go outside.
Location: 266-268 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1QF, United Kingdom

Top and Special dishes: the customers should try Chili chicken lamb curry, Nihari, chicken curry, chicken kebab kacchi biryani, tandoori chicken, noodles, peri wings, etc. from Spice Khazana restaurant. 
Review: This restaurant serves authentic Pakistani and Indian cuisine using traditional cooking methods, it creates the best foods that everyone loves. According to the customer review, this place serves fresh, hot, and delicious foods. Also, the restaurant staff are pretty attentive and friendly. And it has a well-lit and clean environment. 

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

City Spice

The restaurant’s ambiance is very much open, allowing the sunlight to get to you properly. The restaurant isn’t that huge, but the number of buffet dishes and simplicity attracts many customers. Also, at the restaurant, the meat is sourced from halal suppliers; therefore, easily enjoy the meal.

Location: 138 Brick Ln, London E1 6RU, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: The most popular at the restaurant are chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, chicken biryani, lamb Jalfrezi, Lamb shank, etc.
Review: According to customer reviews, the place has a great staff and delicious food. On Brick Lane is one of the best restaurants that serves the best halal buffet. Also, vegetarian people won’t find it difficult to have a proper meal at the restaurant as the variety of vegetarian foods is endless.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Al Qasr Ilford 

The ambiance of the restaurant is simple yet colorful. There is a huge range of halal dishes available for the guests, and the seating arrangement of the place is huge; therefore, for any celebration or special occasion, visiting Al Qasr Ilford restaurant is a great option. 

Location: 308 Ley St, Ilford IG1 4BS, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: the dishes people love the most at the restaurant are Fresh Grilled Kebab, tikka wings, chicken biryani, chicken wings, Um-E-Ali Dessert, etc.
Review: Those who have visited the Al Qasr Ilford restaurant have enjoyed its environment and delicious food. An adult and kids menu is also available, which is pretty affordable. However, the only drawback is that 1 out of 10 people has experienced cold or dry food at the restaurant.

Rating: 3.9 out of 5

Feast and Mishti 

The restaurant’s ambiance is comfortable and simple; customers can easily visit the Feast and Mishti for any celebration or occasion. For lunch or dinner, the customers can easily go to the restaurant wearing their casual attire and try the affordable meals.

Location: 247 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DB, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: At the Feast and Mishti recommended, and top dishes are Lamb Curry tandoori wings bhorta, polao rice, fried Ruhi fish, biryani, Karahi, Gulab Jamun, etc. 
Review: Feast and Mishti have a great range of Indian and Bangladesh foods that all the customers crave. Many people love Bengali cuisine; the restaurant could perfectly represent those recipes. Also, the customers loved the full and friendly behavior of the staff.

Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Chaudhary’s Buffet restaurant 

At Chaudhary’s Buffet, the customers can try incredible Indian dishes. It has Thai and Chinese dishes as well. The place is pretty open and interestingly designed. Customers can simply pick what they want to try, and if the weather is cold, then enjoy the fireplace as well.

Also, the seating arrangement of the restaurant is pretty big, so there would be an issue if you take 10-30 members, but yes, you have to make an appointment beforehand. 
Location: 198-202 Fore St, London N18 2JD, United Kingdom

Top and Special dishes: The top dishes of this place are Tandoori chicken, fish pakora, chicken korma, grilled wings, naan, kebab, lamb curry, gajar halwa gulab jamun, kheer rice pudding, etc.

Review: According to the customer’s review, the place has incredible service, amazing food, and free parking. But to receive the free parking, the guests must visit the restaurant after 6:30 p.m. The staff’s behavior is also very cooperative. The food is very delicious, but if any food item gets finished, it takes a lot of time to restock it; in that case, the customers have to avoid the option of getting the leftovers.

Rating: 3.6 out of 5

JRC Global Buffet 

To visit one of London’s best Global buffet restaurants, people must visit the JRC buffet restaurant. The interior of the restaurant is bright and well-furnished. Not only that, but this restaurant is a pretty fancy location where you can try incredible foods. Everything is designed in a modern way, from seating arrangement to ceiling. So, a great place to visit with friends. 

Location: Unit 18 ‐ 1st Floor East side the Mall Shopping Centre, 159 High Rd, London N22 6YA, United Kingdom
Top and Special dishes: at the restaurant, the guests can try lamb curry, chicken wings, etc.
Review: Different types of cuisine are available for the customers at this buffet restaurant. Not all of them are halal. But, the halal dishes are clearly indicated so the guests aren’t confused. The customers love trying the halal Thai, Japanese, Mexican, and Chinese food served there. Therefore, guests enjoy the fancy ambiance and delicious food of the place. 

Rating: 3.4 out of 5


So here are the top 10 Halal Buffet restaurants in London. Most of the halal buffet restaurants follow Pakistani and Indian cuisine. But it is mostly because the Pakistani buffets in London have great demand, and Indian dishes are always remarkable.

In London, besides the halal buffet restaurants, there are so many halal restaurants available that might not have the services of a buffet but have Halal food options. Few of those restaurants are even better than a few buffet restaurants as their customers can try a variety of cuisines and incredibly presented dishes. 

Therefore, all people in London should visit the gastronomic feast and enjoy the halal Buffet in London by filling their hearts and stomachs.

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