Caravan Holidays in Blackpool

Family Fun: The 7 Best Luxury Caravan Holidays in Blackpool

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Are you eager to go for a staycation in any city in the UK? Blackpool presents the most happening holiday destination with the facility of caravans.

Hence, take your kids on caravan holidays in Blackpool and rejoice in the summer. Furthermore, the iconic tower of this place carries the rich history of British holidays. Be it the pleasant summer, or the lovely autumn, you will have a superb time. 

Holidays are always special when you want to unwind yourself from the buckles of life. It is the time to celebrate and cherish every second with your loved one. Luxury caravan holidays give you that experience to shed all the stress.

Moreover, you can observe the spellbinding natural surroundings of the British lanes. Spend quality time with your family by booking these luxurious caravans for a day or two. 

This piece will highlight the splendors of the Blackpool holiday parks and enjoy every bit of them. Get a sorted holiday plan with the top luxury caravan holiday parks, coming within your budget. 

Why Blackpool is perfect for a family holiday?

Blackpool’s landscape and marvelous surroundings make it an unbeatable retreat junction. Indulge in some fascinating activities and forget all your pains. The caravan holidays in Blackpool genuinely cast a magical effect on every visitor. It comes as a full-fledged package to give you all the pleasures in one place. 

Furthermore, there are multiple attractions suitable for every age. The kids can have fun by building the sandcastles, while the adults can have a lovely stroll along the pristine beaches. Besides, numerous rides are also there for amusement. Hence, you can always call it a perfect holiday destination for the families

The coastlines at Blackpool offer a picturesque scene with thrilling roller coasters. Moreover, the amusement parks call for immediate attention, especially for the children.

ICON, Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, the boathouse pub, etc, are some of the excellent mediums for recreation. Therefore, Blackpool is undoubtedly a family-friendly destination to spend a lovely holiday. 

List of the 7 Best Luxury Caravan Holiday Parks in Blackpool

The decent caravan holiday parks come with various amenities and unique activities. Therefore, you will get an exhilarating experience by visiting any holiday park in Blackpool, especially during Summer.

I have accumulated the names of the top 7 best luxury nests for a mesmerizing holiday in Blackpool. Try these caravan holiday parks and lose yourself amidst the splendors of the place. 

1. Marton Mere Holiday Park

Marton Mere Holiday Park
Image- Marton Mere Holiday Park

Want multiple facilities at Haven Park? Marton Mere will surely fulfill all your wishes. Therefore, you can plan for a great Summer holiday in 2024 by booking this incredible holiday spot. It is a perfect retreat for small and young families. Moreover, the enthusiastic indoor games and outdoor activities will keep you thoroughly engaged. 

This holiday park is also cost-effective. It is worth spending your hard-earned money to enjoy some unique activities during the holidays. The Splashzone offers unlimited fun in the water, giving you a fantastic pool experience.

The waterpark is a major attraction for kids too. Due to so many fun-filled activities and sophisticated accommodations under various budgets, I will keep it as the top holiday park in Blackpool. 

Range of luxury accommodation options: 
1. Saver Caravan- 2 bedrooms for 4 guests, 3 bedrooms for 6 guests. £49 for 4 nights
2. Bronze- 2 bedrooms for 6 guests, 3 bedrooms for 8 guests. £85 for 4 nights
3. Silver- 2 bedrooms for 6 guests, 3 bedrooms for 8 guests, £145 for 4 nights
4. Signature- 2 bedrooms for 4 guests, 3 bedrooms for 6 guests
5. Gold- bedrooms 2 for 4, and 3 for 6, £245 for 4 nights
6. Emareld Lodge- bedrooms 2 for 4, 3 for 6
7. Diamond Lodge- bedrooms 2 for 4, 3 for 6, £605 for 4 nights

On-site facilities and activities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Archery practice
  • Outdoor Space Bowl flume
  • Sports courts
  • Splashzone water park
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Kids’ Club
  • Adventure Golf
  • Play areas
  • Evening entertainment, etc. 

Location: It is on the outskirts of Blackpool. Reaching the place by car takes 10 to 15 minutes. Many travelers also prefer an hour’s walking to enjoy the serenity of nature. 
Rating: 4.1 stars (Google Review)
Booking Details: Book on Trip Advisor or the official site of Marton Mere. A family (four members) can book a saver caravan for August 2024. The approximate price will be £911. 

2. Ribby Hall Village

Ribby Hall Village
Image- Ribby Hall Village

This is one of the stupendous destinations for caravan holidays in Blackpool. With the splendid spa and other eminent facilities, it already occupies the stature of a caravan park. Although some may still be confused, visitors can have a gala time after visiting this entertaining place. 

It has spacious grounds with multiple activities. Its classy interiors distinguish it from other holiday caravan parks in Blackpool. From good food to a luxury stay, you will have everything in this holiday village resort. It charges very low for the accommodation. However, the visitors may have to spend some extra bucks on trying many of the activities.

Range of luxury accommodation options:
1. Luxury Holiday Cottages (Tulip, Orchid, Rose, etc.) starting from £269 per cottage
2. Signature Properties (Pine lodges, Lakeside View, The Dairy, The Granary, etc. ) average £1,000 per cottage
3. Dog-friendly Cottages 
4. Motels

On-site facilities and activities

  • Luxury accommodation with Wifi connection and other amenities
  • Family-friendly pool with flumes
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Bar cum restaurant
  • Sports and activities like squash, tennis, fencing, minigolf, etc. 

Location: Drive of 20 minutes from the seafront
Rating: 4.5 stars (Tripadvisor)
Booking: Online booking on site of Ribby Hall Village

3. Ream Hills Holiday Park

Ream Hills Holiday Park
Image- Ream Hills Holiday Park

This is situated at a fantastic location, allowing you to enjoy the beach within some minutes. Moreover, get rid of the noises as you enter this dreamland. Although the poolside facilities are not available, it is indeed a blissful location to spend a weekend. More than families with kids, couples will prefer this place. 

Among the top Blackpool holiday parks, Ream Hills provides a unique ambience for visitors. Originally, the accommodation was a helicopter from 1980. However, with restoration efforts, it has been converted into a lovely accommodation for travelers. Therefore, you can chill in this luxurious holiday park without crossing your budget.

It is not pet-friendly, so if you are travelling with a furry companion, it is better to choose another holiday park. However, the lakeside park has several positive reviews. You can enjoy the hot tubs and indulge in activities like skiing.

Range of luxury accommodation options:
1. Caravans
2. Lodges ( the most relishing will be Fylde View lodge with 3 bedrooms- available at £1,495)
3. Log Cabins (most expensive ones)

On-site facilities and activities:

  • Hot tub (especially in log cabins)
  • Views of the lake
  • WiFi facilities
  • Proximity with Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Coral Island
  • Fully equipped kitchen, seating area, hair-dryer, flat-screen TV, private bathroom, etc in every accommodation 
  • Children’s playground and garden
  • Spa bath
  • Access to the terrace garden

Location: 15-minute drive from Blackpool Tower and very near the beach
Rating: 4.4 stars (Google Reviews)
Booking: You will find all the latest deals and booking facilities on the official website of Ream Hills. 

4. Newton Hall Holiday Park

Newton Hall Holiday Park
Image- Newton Hall Holiday Park

A quick drive from the beach, this holiday park in Blackpool is the customer favorite, too. Furthermore, you will get plenty of options to entertain yourself to the fullest. You can even have some lovely munching sessions as you visit the chip shop or casual food joints. 

Most customers give a favorable review of this amazing place. Although the facilities are very basic here, the surroundings and ambiance will undoubtedly impress you. If you want a secluded place to escape the busy schedule, this is a fantastic option. The indoor swimming pool will allow you to have unlimited fun in the water. 

It is best to go for a lovely stay between Friday and Friday and avoid the usual weekends. 

Range of luxury accommodation options:
1. Luxury holiday apartments
2 The Paddock Apartments ( Azalea, Buttercup, Daisy, Clover, etc.)
3. The Orchard Apartments (Apple Suite, Blueberry Suite, Evergreen Suite, etc.)
4. Economy Caravan (stay for a week at £593)

On-site facilities and activities:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming in the indoor pool
  • Kids Clubs (Grunty’ Fun Club and Action Zone)
  • Free Wi-Fi, hotspots
  • Walter Entertainment Centre for impressive dining and modern interactive games
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi facilities
  • Launderette
  • Supermarket
  • Hair and Beauty salon
  • Private car parking, etc. 

Location: A short drive from Blackpool seafront, covering 3 miles
Rating: 4.5 stars (Tripadvisor)
Booking: Online booking through the official site of Newton Hall or call on 01253 879911

5. Haven Cala Gran Holiday Park

Haven Cala Gran Holiday Park
Image- Haven Cala Gran Holiday Park

The caravan holidays in Blackpool will be more happening as you select Haven Cala Gran to be your destination. Moreover, it is a very busy resort with hundreds of visitors every year. However, it is smaller than Marten Mere, with a relatively smaller pool, compared to the Haven standards.

The travellers are not bothered about it much, as they love other facilities. The elegant interiors and multiple activities make it a favourite of the kids. It is also located very near to the seafront. Indeed, that’s an advantage for the visitors. 

You can enjoy several outdoor games like bungee trampolines, splash part marvels, archery, and many more. Sometimes, you may have to pay something in addition to playing certain games or participating in some specific activities. Swimming pool is optional.

If you do not like to swim, the alternatives are there to make you cherish your holidays. The bargaining option is also there to choose your Haven Hideaway. They come usually for £648. 

Range of luxury accommodation options:
1. Caravans (includes Bronze, Saver, Silver, Gold, etc.), starting from £69 for 4 nights
2. Lodges (including Diamond Lodge), starting from £589 for 4 nights

On-site facilities and activities:

  • Water fun
  • Vertical Challenge (Climbing the wall)
  • Mini Market
  • Dog-friendly accommodations 
  • Cook’s Fish and Chips
  • Mash and Barrel Restaurant
  • Sea Life Enjoyment
  • NERF Training camp
  • Footgolf, etc. 

Location: 25 minutes drive from Blackpool seafront, located to the north of Marton Mere. It takes only 20 to 25 minutes to reach Blackpool Tower from here. Fleetwood is also very close. 
Ratings: 4.2 stars (Google Reviews)
Booking: Online through the Cala Gran Holiday Park website or call on 0333 202 1460/5250

6. Parkdean Resorts Todver Valley

This resort is a highly comfortable choice for holidaying in Blackpool. Moreover, you will have great services as you order your favourite food. The panoramic views of the beautiful garden will make you enjoy every minute on a sunny day.

The kids will also love playing various games in the lap of Mother Nature. Visitors of every age can explore the marvellous site and have a relaxed weekend. 

The place also has good connectivity from the city centre. Therefore, you can enjoy the convenience while visiting Parkdean Resorts.

Range of luxury accommodation options:
1. Caravan (1-bed caravan for romantic couples, 3-bed pet-friendly models, luxury models, etc. )
2. Lodge (non-smoking accommodation, with private furnished veranda, etc. )

On-site facilities and activities:

  • Peaceful ambience
  • Adventure Playground
  • Kids’ Club (5-10 years)
  • Multi-Sports Court
  • Takeaway
  • Launderette
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Beer Garden
  • Convenience Store
  • Costa Coffee, etc. 

Location: Located in Lancaster, near the Lake District. 
Easy booking through Parkdean Resorts official site

7. Parkdean Resorts Ocean Edge

Parkdean Resorts Ocean Edge
Image- Parkdean Resorts Ocean Edge

This destination is also near the iconic Blackpool Tower. Moreover, you will love the comprehensive assortment of multiple facilities for both adults and kids. Indeed, you can have unlimited fun and adventures while being in this junction. 

Let your kids have a happy time while plunging into the indoor swimming pool. They also have hot water. Recline in between and have a lovely sauna bath. The children can also spend hours in climbing the nets or finding their way through the tunnels. So, it presents complete entertainment for a family, along with a magical vista all around. 

Range of accommodation options:
Only Lodges (well-equipped and pet-friendly)
– Luxury lodges by the sea
– Lodge at Last-minute deals
– Lodges with Hot Tubs
– Family lodges

On-site facilities and activities: 

  • Indoor pool
  • Entertainment Venue
  • Costa Coffee
  • Multi Sports Court
  • Soft Play
  • Bar and Restaurant
  • Sauna
  • Wifi
  • Amusement Arcade, etc. 

Location: Near Manchester Airport, and it takes around 13 minutes to drive from there. 
Rating: 4.1 stars (Google Reviews)
Booking: Online booking on the official website of Parkdean Resorts


The luxury caravan holidays in Blackpool are undoubtedly appealing and will remain in your memories forever. Be it the luxurious accommodation, games and activities, tasty food, or special kids clubs, you will find multiple things for adults and kids.

Furthermore, the water sports will keep you relaxed and reclining from the hustle and bustle of the city. The caravans ensure a unique experience where you can spend some private moments with your partner and family. It also keeps your kids active as they participate in multiple games. 

Hope this guide will help you find the best parks for an unforgettable experience of a family vacation. Embrace the moments and capture some incredible snaps. Such an enthusiastic vacation will make you smile whenever you remember these days.

Choose the Blackpool holiday parks to obtain accommodation for every budget. The indoor swimming pool, TV, clubs and adventure parks, and local delicacies- all make your trip a special one. 

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