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London’s Hidden Treasures: 10 Malaysian Food Restaurants You Can’t Miss

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Malaysian food restaurants can turn your simple day into a special dining moment. Want to taste some creative dishes? Book a table at the best Malaysian cuisine restaurant in London. The culinary heritage of this place is diverse and highly interesting.

Moreover, the aromatic magic of Malaysian food will keep you engrossed on your plate. So, you can have a fabulous experience to ensure a mixed bag for your taste buds. 

The hidden Malaysian gem in terms of its culinary culture is the delicious street food. The varieties in these incredible options are like an emotion for the locals. Discover the exclusive recipes, and find out the best items as a passionate foodie.

These extraordinary dishes have various secrets that street food hawkers are not ready to disclose. So, if you want something creative, try these Malaysian specialties. 

Therefore, look out for the most authentic options to have some tasty Malaysian recipes. I will give highlights of the top restaurants in this piece. 

Why Malaysian Food in London?

The best Malaysian food in London is a priced delicacy for visitors and locals. Moreover, the fabulous tastes can cater to people with varied preferences. Be it halal food or vegan delicacies, you have all the options available. 

Therefore, if you are in London, you must try the special cuisines of the Malays. Enjoy the unique combination of spicy and non-spicy food. Furthermore, you can also get the sweet delicacies and the sour specialties for a wonderful meal.

Indeed, Malaysian food is popular worldwide. The top-class food options in a multi-cultural city like London ensure a great combo for every class of people. 

According to Science Direct, the gastronomic specialties of Malaysia are a revolutionary invention for food lovers. Furthermore, the diverse array of foods reflects the national culture of the country.

The traditional cuisine is now presented with a marvelous combo of modern recipes. This review of Science Direct ensures a plethora of options and the importance of Malaysian cuisines. 

Rising Popularity of Malaysian Cuisine Globally

The international market is booming with Malaysian Cuisine. It implies that these recipes will not bore you. Furthermore, you can get marvelous effects on the taste buds with exciting flavourful dishes. Malaysian cuisine stands out as one of the most authentic options among all the cuisines available. 

The Malaysian food market is growing profusely all over the world. By 2024, it is expected to touch around 62.27 billion dollars in the global food market. The CAGR will show an upward rise from 2024 to 2028 by 6.85% per annum. Since 2015, the UK has shown a great rise in the Malaysian food industry.

In the multi-cuisine environment, you can taste some incredible recipes from Malaysian culture. Around 69% of the total restaurants offer authentic Malaysian dishes in London. 

The street food of Malaysia is served in luxurious Malaysian food restaurants in London. Some of the best recipes include Apam balik, Nasi lemak, Mee goreng mamak, Roti john, Rendang, etc. Be it the village, cities, or small towns, you will get innumerable options on your plate. Similarly, the refreshing beverages will also win your hearts. 

Unique Flavours and Influences of Malaysian Dishes

The mixed flavors present in Malaysian cuisines will give you several reasons to fall for them. Moreover, the creamy rich flavors of coconut milk in some authentic dishes reflect a beautiful aroma. Along with authentic Malaysian flavors, you will also get a unique fusion of Thai, Indian, and Chinese food.

Besides, in London, expect a delectable recipe with a touch of English specialties. Such a mixed food recipe is known as Nonya. 

The perfect balance of species and other ingredients is the key factor behind preparing the best Malaysian food in London. Usually, Malaysian dishes contain lemongrass, ginger and pepper rice, chili, nutmeg, cloves, and galangal. So, you can get lots of flavors in these terrific recipes. 

Top 10 Malaysian Food Restaurants in London

I will give you a list of the top 10 Malaysian food restaurants in London to ensure a fabulous experience. Try them all and discover all the culinary treasures of Malaysia. 

1. Roti King

This fabulous Malaysian cuisine restaurant is famous for its flavourful and stuffed rotis. Indeed, Roti is an Asian delight, but with a touch of Malaysian tastes, it is something you cannot miss in London. The buttery flatbreads will make you drool over the recipe again and again. Roti canai, the favorite Malaysian recipe, is remarkably prepared here.

Moreover, you get interesting fillings for these breads like egg and milk, chicken, ice cream, etc. Besides, the ambiance of the restaurant is fascinating. The behavior of the staff will make you feel so comfortable. Hence, we can keep this restaurant as the first choice among Malaysian restaurants in London.  

Signature dishes: Beef Rendang, Nasi Goreng, Savoury filled rotis with dhall. 
Ratings: 4.7 stars
Location: 40, Doric Way, London NW1 1LH
Contact:+44 20 7387 2518

2. Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang is a top-notch Malaysian restaurant in Soho. It offers the best punch among Malaysian and European recipes. Moreover, it is a paradise for the best pancakes and other dessert items. This is indeed the biggest specialty of the amazing food joint of London. The place remains open till midnight and presents a great ambiance.

Rasa Sayang defines Malaysian culture in a new way. Get the perfect fusion while enjoying the innovative dishes in the heart of London. So, of course, after Roti King, this occupies the second position. 

Signature dishes: Deep fried Sea Bass Served with Dried Shrimps, Sambal, and Chillies, Pudding, Chicken Rendang
Ratings: 4.6 stars
Location: 5 Macclesfield Street, London W1D 6AY
Contact: +44 020 7734 1382

3. Banana Tree Soho

This is a great choice for the foodies for a live atmosphere with an industrial touch. The award-winning Pan Asian food joint will elevate your dining experience greatly.

Therefore, you can expect top-class and innovative dishes at this Malaysian restaurant in Soho. You will also get the facility of Wi-Fi here. The vegans can have several options, along with some tasty drinks.

It serves extraordinary drinks and makes you toast on a special day with innovative recipes. Undoubtedly, this restaurant is the third best point for tasting good food in Malaysia, amidst so many options. The industrial people love to party at this place a lot.  

Signature dishes: Chicken stuffed moneybags, Aubergine with caramel sauce, Char-grilled blackened chilli pork, etc.  
Ratings: 4.5 stars
Location: 103 Wardour Street, London W1F 0UG. 
Contact: +44 20 7437 1351

4. Satay House

This striking Malaysian food restaurant in London comes with tantalizing items. Satay House is popular for serving classic Malaysian dishes in an authentic style. However, the menu is a long one and has a fabulous combination of perfectly blended spices and other necessary ingredients. You cannot say no to the Laksa options when you visit this place.

The Malaysian menu is not complete without getting the amazing flavors of Laksa. Thus, the varieties in this dish will let you drool over the place at Satay House. Undoubtedly, it must be present among the top 4 choices for consuming Malaysian delicacies. 

Signature dishes: Daging Denden ( a recipe of stir-fried spicy marinade, lemongrass, beef, and caramelized flavor), Lamb skewers
Ratings: 4.7 stars
Location: 13 Sale Place, London W2 1PX
Contact: 020 7723 6763

5. Melur

Here comes a luxurious dining place with a fusion of Indonesian and Malaysian delicacies. Moreover, the restaurant keeps on giving you attractive lunchtime offers. Therefore, keep a watch on the updates and have a lavish lunch with your companions. Only £6.95 is the starting price for a lovely combo of satay skewers and fried rice. 

Signature dishes: Telur dadar (combo of onions and chilies for a spicy omellete), Kari dating ( Beef with black pepper curry)
Ratings: 4.2 stars
Location: 175 A Edgware Road, London W2 1ET
Contact: +44 20 7706 8083

6. Laxsa Soho

Another Malaysian jewel in Soho is Laxsa. As the name suggests, you have the perfect lax sauce served hot. This Malaysian kitchen cum bar serves some exotic cocktails. Furthermore, the main course comes in a decent portion.

The cosy Malaysian food restaurant ensures a great taste of original Laxsa. If you are trying Malaysian food for the first time, this is the best place to start your journey. The vegan visitors can also have a lovely time here. 

Signature dishes: Traditional Laksa, Jungle Laksa, Lobster Laxsa, etc. 
Ratings: 4.4 stars
Location: 37 Old Compton Street, London W1D 5JY
Contact: +44 20 7734 6361

7. Normah’s 

Get affordable Malaysian dishes at Normah’s. It is the creative point of the culinary expert, Normah herself. Moreover, you can get a great variety of homemade noodle pastes, and soups. For every dish, you can expect originality and freshness. A perfect combination lets you have the authentic taste of Malays. 

However, the restaurant is temporarily closed now. 

Signature dishes: Flaky roti with Beef Rendang or dhal, Mee Mamak, etc. 
Ratings: 4.4 stars
Location: 23-25 Queensway, London W2 4QJ
Contact: +44 7771 630828

8. Mamak Don

This amazing food joint boasting the best Malaysian cuisine in London also attracts visitors due to its spectacular interiors. The mild spices, meat, or veggies get a perfect blend to prepare something exclusive. Therefore, you can enjoy both the main course and starters with a cheerful ambiance. 

Mamak Don is famous for a specially prepared mutton soup with celery, lime leaves, tomato, and necessary spices. The aromatic dish is truly compelling for all the visitors. 

Signature dishes: Malay-style fried chicken (with herbs, spices, turmeric, and ginger), Mutton soup
Ratings: 4.3 stars
Location: 9 Parkway, London NW1 7PG
Contact: +44 20 7482 3990

9. Sambal Shiok

This Malaysian food restaurant began its journey as a market stall. However, with time, it rose to the level of a mouth-watering pub famous for its delicious Malaysian dishes. It is a Laksa bar flooding with an extensive Laksa menu.

You can taste the best laksa with lots of amazing flavors. You can also have a perfectly decorated American-style restaurant with an exclusive combo of Asian and European recipes. Therefore, the visitors can expect a gala time while dining on the smooth leather seats, and incredibly decorated green walls. 

Signature dishes: Curry Laksa, Penang Assam Laksa, Spiral Curry Puffs, Beef Rendang, Malaysian Fried Chicken, Flaky Roti Canai, KL Golden Fragrant Clams, and many more
Ratings: 4 stars
Location: The Sun and 13 Cantons, 21 Great Pulteney Street, London W1F 9NG
Contact: 020 7734 0934

10. Laksamania

In London, you have some brilliant places to try the Malaysian dishes. Additionally, the classy environment lets you plan a lovely dinner or lunch with your near ones. The menu also contains amazing dishes for the vegans.

However, keeping all the terrific dishes aside, this place is heaven for traditional Laksa. Be it filled with tofu, shrimp, or fish balls, the Singaporean Laksa is a fabulous option. 

Moreover, the egg noodles are surprisingly great, and you will crave some more. The vegan laksa is also equally good, giving enough reasons to love this place. Thus, Laksamania is a must-try go-to place for all Malaysian food lovers in London. Indeed, the quality of every item is superb. 

Signature dishes: Tofu puffs, Tofu skin wraps, Singapore Laksa, Vegan Laksa
Ratings: 4 stars
Location: 92 Newman Street. London W1T 3EZ
Contact: 020 7637 9888

Although there are some more top-class junctions serving hot and tasty Malaysian food, these 10 are the must-visit places in London. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the famous Malaysian food?

The most famous Malaysian foods include:-

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Curry Mee
  • Seri-Aji Banana Fritter
  • Beef Rendang
  • Laksa
  • Classic Chicken Rendang
  • Pan Mee, and many more. 

Besides this, one of the popular dishes is Satay. This local dish is a lovely recipe with marinated barbeque chicken or beef skewers. The accompanying dish is the pleasant peanut sauce. 

2. Is Malaysian food spicy?

Yes. Malaysian food is generally very spicy. You will love the combination of Sambal, a chilli-based preparation, with the main dishes. It has a close connection with the Indonesian cuisine. The spicy rice items are also specialty of Malaysian food. 

3. What Malaysian food is healthy? 

You can have a balanced diet by consuming the Malaysian food. Some of the healthy items include Grilled fish with sambal, chicken curry with brown rice, whole-grain noodles, Mixed vegetables, Stir-fried veggies with tofu, and many more. Therefore, you can have a good combo of non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes. A perfectly cooked recipe will keep you mesmerized. 

Final Thoughts 

Are you looking for the best points for tasting Malaysian delicacies in the UK? I hope this guide will assist you immensely in finding out the best Malaysian food restaurant in London. The variety of recipes will leave you spellbound for some time. Moreover, innovative dishes with flavorsome spices give you several reasons to crave them. 

The authentic Malay dishes will take your taste buds on a new journey. If you are keen to discover something unique in your meal for the day, these restaurants are great choices. 

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