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Top 10 Places to Breakfast in Mayfair

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As our day starts from breakfast similarly decides the course of our day. As we all know London is known for its versatile cuisine as a result even for breakfast people from London would also like to try those different cuisines.

In London among those famous food locations Mayfair is one of them. As Squaremeal has described, ‘
It is also a relatively affordable way to eat in some of the capital’s most glamorous restaurants – although as we’re talking about the most expensive square on the Monopoly board here, ‘affordable’ is a fairly flexible term.’

So now when you know about how great Breakfast in Mayfair feels like then it’s time for you to visit our most preferred eatary destination perfect breakfast experience. Not only that to make the experience best for you be visited most of the Mayfair breakfast destination and hand pic the top ones.

1. Fait Maison Mayfair

​​​The main reason Fait Maison Mayfair is at the top of our list is mainly because of its ambience, quality of food, presentation and services. This affordable breakfast destination has the most elegant restaurant ambience. Has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements, also well-lit. In short, if you are looking for breakfast in London mayfair, then you should visit this Insta-worthy restaurant.
Then, at this Mediterranean restaurant, they have a good range of items available on the menu. And if you don’t like non-veg food, then you are vegetarian, and vegan options are also available. 

  • Location: 48 S Molton St, London W1K 5SA, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: Eggs Benedict, Cheese Parata and Honey,Falafel, HummusAvocado Toast, Labneh, etc.
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

 “Service is very good.. all the staff are polite and welcoming
Food was also Delicious ( Maqlooba, Majboos, beef tikka & chicken tacos )”

Anonymous, OpenTable

“I celebrated my birthday in Fait Maison Mayfair, I would definitely recommend it to everyone! Not just because of having a cozy vibes and calm interior design, the staff are so amazing!!
They surprised me with a Happy birthday song and dance and I was gobsmacked, they are a very talented performers as well especially the Filipino boy who lead the singing and dancing. You guys made my special day very memorable!”

Diner, OpenTable 

2. Drunch Mayfair

Among the mayfair breakfast places, Drunch Mayfair is one of the most preferred breakfast destinations among the locals. When we asked the locals about their preferred breakfast destination nearby, almost everyone mentioned Drunch. After visiting, we noticed that it is actually a great place to start your day. 
The interior of the place isn’t that fancy, but it has a sophisticated design that puts together a very comforting vibe. And the greatest part about the restaurant is its outdoor seating. While enjoying the food and the view at Mayfair it’s a great place to be. 
So at the Drunch Mayfair cafe, as a customer, you will receive a huge variety of dish options. Also, organic, vegan, vegetarian and healthy food options are available, so this way the customers can enjoy the food items without worrying. 

  • Location: 1 Woodstock St, London W1C 2AA, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: Hot Chocolate, Vegan English Breakfast, Club Sandwich, Turkish Eggs, Coronation Chicken etc.
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

“Me and my friends had a great experience at Drunch Mayfair for brunch recently. Lovely staff who looked after us well, and the food and drink was great. Julia in particular was very professional and friendly. Highly recommend.”

Dave G, TripAdvisor 

“First time at Drunch and it won’t be the last. Greeted by our amazing waiter, Pujan. Pujan started our morning off with the best energy, creating good conversation and being so friendly. The food and the aesthetics of the restaurant perfect. Would highly recommend.”

Salma Salma, Google Reviews 

3. Hot Stone, Angel, Islington

When we visited the Hot Stone Japanese restaurant in London, we were shocked at how beautiful the place looked. The Japanese restaurant followed a classy interior design which makes Hot Stone even more appealing. Even the seating arrangement is incredibly designed.
We were constantly taking pictures of the dishes we ordered, as all of them had a great presentation. This place serves dishes for vegetarian and vegan people. Hence, you can ask for the things you need. Hot Stone isn’t in the first position mainly because, for breakfast, the food options can be heavy and pricy. Still, if you are eager to try something different, then you should definitely visit Hot Stone.

  • Location: 9 Chapel Market, London N1 9EZ, United Kingdom
  • Recommended Dishes: Oysters and Sauce, Grilled Aubergine, Sushi, Wagyu Platter, Yellowtail Tartare etc.
  • Ratings: 4.7 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

“Really good atmosphere came here for dinner with parents brilliant steak the waiter looked after us was attentive will definitely return on my next visit”

Barry Bauer, TripAdvisor

4. Heddon Street Kitchen 

This modern European restaurant can be a little fancy but great option for some interesting breakfast. This Mayfair restaurant is owned by Gordon Ramsey so it is easily understandable that the quality of food and the restaurant ambience would be astonishing. The interior and seating of the restaurant is perfectly designed and placed nicely. Not only that, this place has both indoor and outer seating arrangement, so you can enjoy the outside view while having breakfast at Heddon Street Kitchen.

At the restaurant from breakfast to dinner all types of food is available at the menu. And to make things even better for the customer Heddon Street Kitchen has vegetarian Halal and healthy food options.

  • Location: 3-9 Heddon St, London W1B 4BE, United Kingdom
  • Recommended Dishes: Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Rib Eye Steak, Sirloin Steak, Burrata Tortelloni, Pon Fried Chalk, etc. 
  • Ratings: 4.8 out of 5

Customers review: 

“Beautiful location, a bit hidden in a small street. The coffee was really great and I really wanted a full English breakfast.. oh and I got one! The beans with tomatosauce was amazing, the eggs were fried perfectly and the saussage was so good! The staff was really friendly, especially the boy from Capetown (?). We had a great conversation and I would really reccomend this place!”

Maud de Laat , Google Reviews

“Once again absolutely fantastic the food, the service, the atmosphere all what you would expect from a top restaurant. It’s my annual birthday visit and will be back for my next birthday.”


5. 34 Mayfair 

34 Mayfair is another great destination to have ​​​​​​breakfast in london mayfair. From the outside, it may not seem much, but from the inside, the 34 Mayfair British restaurant is beautiful and unique. The seating area is finely arranged so that all customers can sit comfortably. Not only that, the decoration and the lighting of the place are just perfect.
Now, coming to the food, for breakfast, 34 Mayfair has a variety of food options. So the customers can easily choose their preferred dish while enjoying the upmarket ambience of the restaurant. 

  • Location: 34 Grosvenor Sq, S Audley St, London W1K 2HD, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: 34 Doughnuts, Lobster Mac and Cheese, Sunday Roast, Cornish Crab Salad, etc.
  • Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

“Excellent Sunday brunch – we had the roast which was cooked to perfection, delicious and great choice of vegetables. Fantastic choice of cocktails and we treated ourselves to excellent vintage bottleof fine wine on offer . Delighted with table as  recovering from operation needed roomy safe table and one given was perfect The service from everyone was outstanding. 34 Sunday brunch is the best and look forward to returning again. Highly recommend”

Pepsidog, OpenTable 

6. Popina

If you are looking for an affordable yet great-quality breakfast menu at Mayfair, then you can go for Popina. This cafe may not be that huge and sophisticated because of the ambience and seating arrangements, but it’s clean, has great lighting, and the food is great here. While visiting, the inside of the cafe may feel crowded to you, but if you want, you can also use the outdoor seating area.
The food made in Popina is really delicious, and we couldn’t resist ordering the dishes. Also, there is a variety of Vegan and vegetarian options available on the menu, so for vegetarian people, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Location: 83 Duke St, London W1K 5PF, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: Cappuccino Coffee, Brioche French Toast, Poached Eggs, Mocha, French Toast with Berries, Green Shakshuka etc. 
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 

Customer Reviews: 

 “Visited in passing with my husband and two children the cafe was small so I didn’t think we would be seated but the waiter was more than accommodating pushing 2 tables together for us. The menu was amazing I could have eaten anything and lots of French toast flavours for the children. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful even with it being so busy and service and smiles were not lacking!”

Skeech95, TripAdvisor

“It’s perfect place to get breakfast and drink tea.
I like their food.
The only one thing I don’t like it’s too small and you have to wait outside till you can get table.”

W. Gh. , Google Reviews.

7. Cecconi’s Mayfair

Cecconi’s Mayfair overall is one of the best restaurants in Mayfair. But when it comes to breakfast that’s when the rating gets a little low. The Ambience of the restaurant is really nice. With the upmarket atmosphere with the bar on site and lighting, the restaurant looks very sophisticated. But what we liked the most was the outside seating with a beautiful view of the city. 
About the food, cecconi’s Mayfair offers vegetarian and healthy dishes to the customers. However, at the restaurant, the options for non-veg dishes are more and better. 

  • Location: 5A Burlington Gardens, London W1S 3EP, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: Crab Ravioli, Spaghetti Lobster, Tagliatelle Amatriciana, Veal Milanese, Braised Pork Cheek etc. 
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

 “Never a bad meal at Cecconi’s – highly recommend. All the staples you see in Italian restaurants – Burrata, Zucchini Fritti – done to perfection. I do think it’s a tad expensive, but it will still and continue to be a regular for me.”

Nour S

“This has always been excellent but this visit it was better. They upped their game with everything. 4 courses, cocktail, good wines, excellent service and we felt it ended up being very good value for a top Mayfair popular venue. Can’t wait to go again.”

Kate A.

8. Jean-Georges at the Connaught

If you are looking for an upmarket restaurant for a brunch date, then you must visit Jean-Georges at The Connaught. The ambience of the restaurant is just amazing. We were amazed by looking at the interior and indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. This restaurant has huge glass Windows that allow natural light to travel easily. And it’s a huge place so if you want you can bring your group of friends as well.
For brunch and breakfast, this restaurant has a menu from which the customers can choose non-veg, vegetarian, healthy any other type of dishes they want to have. At Jean-Georges restaurant, customers can order anything from coffee to cocktails.

  • Location: The Connaught, 16 Carlos Pl, London W1K 2AL, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: Pastries, Warm Chocolate Cake Dessert, Sauvignon Blanc Butter Emulsion, Lamb Chops
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

“Last night had such a lovely dinner here at the Connaught with my friends. Warm ambience, attentive service, great quality food and drinks. Our Portuguese waiter was a star of the evening and his suggestions were highly appreciated. The best mille-feuille I have had in London so far.”

Gone with the wind, Google Reviews .

9. Queen of Mayfair 

This restaurant is one of the most pretty, cozy, and affordable cafes situated in Mayfair. The interior of the cafe restaurant is designed very sophistically. The seating arrangement is beautiful to arrange so that it won’t feel crowded. Also, the Queen of Mayfair has great natural lighting.
​​​​​​At Queen of Mayfair, we really enjoyed their food. Also, the staff were very polite and friendly. On the cafe menu, they have a huge range of food items available; also there are vegetarian dish options available. Then, Queen of Mayfair is one of the best places to visit if you like coffee. 

  • Location: 17 Queen St, London W1J 5PH, United Kingdom
  • Recommended Dishes:  Flat White, Shakshuka, Morning in the Palace, English Breakfast, Canelé, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Espresso Martini etc.
  • Ratings: 4.4 out of 5

Customer reviews: 

“Food was absolutely great, but the service left something to be desired. We came in a little bit earlier than our reservation time, and even though there was an empty table available, they still made us wait until the time of our reservation. And when the time for our reservation came, they made us sit at the table that had been empty the entire time!
Food was great though, would definitely come again!!!”

copper Pink, Google Reviews 

“I dined alone for a quick work trip to London and I really enjoyed this place. They set me up with the most beautiful table. I had the golden latte which was to die for and the queens green breakfast. So good. Service was excellent, very attentive even though the restaurant was busy”.

Christina D., The Fork.

10. The Foyer & Reading Room 

While in the string of the best restaurants for Breakfast in Mayfair, we asked so many locals about their preferred breakfast restaurants. Among them, only two suggested the Foyer restaurant. We were a bit skeptical at first but after visiting it all our doubts were gone instantly. It’s a very beautiful restaurant which looks castle-themed. The Ambience is cozy and romantic, so perfect for a date.
About the food in the Foyer and Reading Room, the customer gets to choose from a wide range of dishes. And what we like most is that this restaurant covers everything from breakfast to dinner. Not only that, but the food quality is amazing as well. 

  • Location: Claridge’s, Brook St, London W1K 4HR, United Kingdom
  • Recommended dishes: Scones and Dessert, Lobster Wellington, Poached Pear, Rice Imperatrice, Sandwiches etc.
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Customer Reviews: 

“Utterly delightful. Without a doubt the service, food, ambiance is worth every penny. Fabulous attention to detail. Beautifully presented selection of sandwiches which are replenished seamlessly as required. Tea selection which is explained with precision. Warm, fresh scones fluffy and gorgeous. Staff are well trained and could not have done more. Pianist tops off the overall experience. Fantastic and highly recommended.”



If you are looking for ‘good breakfast close to me’ in Mayfair, then you should definitely go with the above mentioned restaurant options. Based on your budget you can easily choose what restaurant or cafe is suitable for you is suitable. 

So to have the best Breakfast in Mayfair there is no reason to think so much. Just busy the place you want to an enjoy your day.

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